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Affiliate marketing is a great way to get online “word-of-mouth” marketing for your products and services with minimal upfront cost.


  • You can choose to pay a commission or a fixed price to affiliates
  • You only pay affiliates after they generate a lead or a sale for you

Whether you sell products or services, we can help you structure an affiliate marketing program that will incorporate all the necessary features and appeal to influencers within your target market.


How Affiliate Marketing Works:











What You Get:

  • Competitive Intelligence – We conduct thorough research within your industry in order to structure an affiliate program that will compete effectively for your audience’s attention.
  • Implementation – We explore all available technology and work with you in choosing the best fit for your business and goals. We then implement all the code and tools needed for successful tracking.
  • Promotion – The key to a successful affiliate marketing program is to get the right people talking about your product or service. We use several avenues to get the word out about your program and get you valuable affiliates.
  • Self-Managed Monitoring – You don’t have to keep us on retainer once your affiliate program is up and running. We will show you how to easily and quickly check your stats and make any changes to your offers when needed.

With so many affiliate marketers out there, searching for great products and services to promote, wouldn’t you rather have them promoting you than your competitors? Our experienced team will structure an affiliate marketing program for you that will help you reach those anxious prospects.